Language & the Law always strives to provide its clients with a service that meets the highest standards of quality. To this end, we maintain an unfailing commitment to continuous professional development and ensure our systems, processes and policies are fit for this purpose.  We also expect all our staff, suppliers and partners to subscribe to our philosophy of strong business ethics that are enshrined in our Code of Professional Conduct. 


The Objective of the Policy


This policy outlines the standards by which we measure the quality of our translations, as well as of the service and the means by which we seek to achieve them.  


Standards of Service


1.   Responsiveness


We aim to respond to initial queries within an hour of receiving them. We provide quotes within one day of receiving the necessary details.  


2.   Timeliness


We always strive to meet agreed deadlines.  On the rare occasion this is not possible due to reasons beyond our control,  we will honestly explain those reasons to the client and communicate the new deadline.  


3.   Client Engagement / Communications


Before embarking on a translation job, we make sure that we fully understand the client’s requirements in terms of the deadline, any rules pertaining to style guide, glossary or other guidelines.  


For additional peace of mind and where required, we provide the client with regular updates on progress.   


We consider effective communications to be an important safeguard and troubleshooting tool against any development that might cause unnecessary delays or hurdles.


4.   Client Care


We and all those we work with adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency. Our relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, confidence and fairness.

4.   Client Care


We and all those we work with adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency. Our relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, confidence and fairness.


5.   Pricing 


Our prices reflect our commitment to reasonable rates, our understanding of market trends, care, and provide best value for money.  

Standards of Quality


We ensure that our management systems and processes are geared towards delivering outcomes that our clients desire. To this end we:


  • Regardless of its size, each translation job is treated as an independent project with a unique reference number and a dedicated project manager who oversees it from beginning to completion.  Project teams usually consist of a project manager, in some instances source text proofreader if necessary, main translator, target text editor, target text proofreader and desktop publisher.

  • Our translators are highly qualified with proven track record of working on complex and high-value legal documentation.  

  • Our translations are 100% human.

  • All projects are executed by native linguists and legal professionals working into their mother tongues.

  • Continuous professional development is at the core of our business. We continually update and improve our project management systems, and engage professionals who strive to maintain up-to-date knowledge of the developments in the industry.


Risk Management


Risk of delays:  We plan our projects carefully, and with a team which consists of over 400 professionals the risk of delays is highly unlikely. If delays occur for any unforeseen reasons, we treat them with total transparency, and take prompt and appropriate measures to mitigate the consequences.


Data security:  We implement a strict data security regime in our offices.  This also applies to our remote team members who are continually connected to headquarters via a highly-secured Intranet with status-of-the-art encryption and data-protection procedures.   


Confidentiality: We and all those we work with pay unfailing attention to the confidentiality of the information that is entrusted to us. We ensure that all our dealings and transactions adhere to the applicable laws  of the UK as amended, in addition to various international covenants, treaties, agreements, laws and regulations of pertinence ratified by the UK government.