"Drafting is a written word skill, but a special one.  When you are composing legal documents, you cannot write as you would in an everybody letter or in an opinion: every word counts, every word must be chosen with care, every phrase must be apt, every sentence should be immaculately constructed"

Drafting - Edited by David Emmet, The City  Law School , City University London


Our trusted network of experienced legislative drafters provides technical assistance at every stage of the legislative process. They have previously contributed to national and institutional legislations and have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of legislative practices. Their expertise is especially relevant for drafters, lobbyists, interest groups, associations, and others preparing legislative documents for presentation to members and committees of UK and foreign governments.


Our commercial drafting experts specialise in dealing with

high-profile international business transactions and agreements in areas such as acquisition, dispute resolution & arbitration, employment, leases, licensing, loan and statutory filings.  


Incorrect wording of legal documents can have serious implications. Leave your editing and proofreading needs in the hands of our team of editors. Everyone we work with comes from a legal background, and is not only a native English-speaker, but can also understand the legal implications of what it is they are editing. We work to an extremely high level of accuracy, and we can suggest improvements to elevate your writing in any area of legal expertise.