The rise in globalisation has led to English becoming one of the major languages of legal systems around the world, with English law the preferred governing law for international commercial contracts and many other legal areas. Traditionally the preserve of lawyers from English-speaking countries which have shared common law traditions, legal English communication skills are now in demand globally. Legal English remains the professional language of the legal profession and as such, a working proficiency in legal English and legalese amongst international legal practitioners is now more essential than ever before.


Language & The Law is a company dedicated to providing quality training and services to legal professionals in the international legal industry. We are based in London but design bespoke courses for law firms, government agencies, and companies around the world. We teach content that is recognised internationally and delivered by barristers, solicitors, and academics. We can additionally take care of your proofreading, translation, and drafting needs.

We are  an accredited Continuing Professional Development provider, facilitating CPD areas that are essential for the legal sector in the UK and internationally. CPD is now mandatory for solicitors, lawyers, barristers and paralegals working as practitioners in the field of law, whether they work in the UK, Europe or internationally.

Our workshops and courses are led by experts in the field of International Law and Education. They are practice-based and practice-led, for the legal practitioner and by legal practitioners. English courses are taught in line with the CEFR framework, and link into Trinity and British Council examinations, and/or lead to University accredited academic qualifications (PGCert).


We offer a range of courses which focus on different elements of Legal English. Our experts can help you to develop your general writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills within a legal context. Our team can also equip you with more exact skills such as academic writing, opinion writing, and drafting statements of case. Our courses are taught by academics and legal professionals with real-world experience.


As consumer demands change and new technology alters our working patterns, it is more vital than ever to stay ahead of the professional curve. Our training team can help you to navigate the legal workplace with skills such as mentoring and coaching, and adapting to work in a changing sector. We can also work with you to develop specific legal skills such as handling witnesses. Our courses are CPD certified.


We specialise in creating course content tailored to your precise requirements.  In the past we have partnered with everyone from law firms to aviation authorities. We work with a team of experienced academics and legal professionals who can adapt our existing educational products to your needs, or create a new course just for you.

Most importantly, we listen to you. Education is a two-way process and it takes collaboration between us and your organisation to arrive at a result everyone is happy with. You can place your trust in us to deliver engaging, dynamic development programmes that will equip your team with the skills needed to excel.

We are here to help, whether that’s with a one-off professional development event, or for longer term help training entire departments in specific language and legal skills.