At Language & The Law we have everything in place to ensure  our work meets highest standards of linguistic and subject matter quality and is delivered on time.  We combine the expertise of our people with a project management tool that has been developed and tested for over two decades and effective communications to deliver tasks that meet our clients' expectations.  


We combine legal and linguistic expertise and only work with highly qualified professionals with a proven track record of successful translation and drafting of high-profile legal documents.    Supported by our efficient project management methodology they deliver end-results which meet all the quality standards of good legal writing even when under pressure of tight deadlines.  

All our translators are members of professional bodies that set standards of quality.


Every translation job is considered as an independent project and assigned to a specific in-house project manager who  plans and oversees it  until it is complete.  The project manager also acts as a focal point with the client on any matter that might require their involvement.  


For all translation jobs regardless of their size we implement a 4-tier quality assurance process: review of the source language text to ensure that there are no ambiguities, primary and secondary check of the translation and the final proofreading by a subject matter expert/linguist.  We maintain these standards in all quality checks even for jobs that require rapid turnaround.


To ensure our clients have peace of mind whilst we complete their work, we check their preference in terms of how often they would like to be updated on progress.  


Legislation, contracts, agreements, power of attorneys, statements of cases, witness statements, affidavits, court orders, indictments, appeals, arguments, wills, settlements, deeds, memorandum of associations, originating processes 


Some of the legal sectors that we service: international dispute resolution and arbitration, oil and gas contracts, aviation, construction, banking and finance, international human rights, anti-corruption and money laundering, natural resources, land and boundaries, conflict and security, immigration, diplomacy, public private partnerships



Where our clients require, we can format and design  for digital or print publication and even print.